NSALE Beauty Picks

There are so many amazing beauty products in the Nsale this year and I can’t wait to share my favorites with you guys!

My top product would have to be the GHD curling iron. I switched to this iron about 4 months ago and it is hands down the best iron I’ve ever used. It glides through my hair smoothly, doesn’t burn my hair, and makes my curls last for days 🙌🏻. It is currently $66 off during the sale, which is an incredible discount! Head over to my stories today to see how I use the curling iron.

Another one of my favorite beauty products is the Slip pillowcase set. I’ve used a Slip pillowcase for years and absolutely love how good they are for your hair/skin when you sleep. This product is another reason my curls will last for days. If I sleep on a normal pillowcase, I will wake up the next morning with the worst bedhead! This set would also make a great Christmas gift 😊.

Courtney and I rounded up some more of our beauty picks on stories, and I will also link those here! Y’all have a great Thursday!

Thank you Nordstrom for sponsoring today’s post!