How to Beat Dry Winter Skin

Body Lotion: Colleen Rothschild | Recovery Cream: Colleen Rothschild | Face Oil: Colleen Rothschild | Toner: Colleen Rothschild 

For those of y’all who have followed along for awhile, you  probably know that I have the worst dry skin all year round. Unfortunately, in the winter, it gets 100x worse! Every time I step out of the shower, I feel like my skin is cracking- it’s SO dry ??.  In the past couple months (since the weather started getting colder), I’ve tried a bunch of different body lotions that would feel good when I first put them on, but it wouldn’t last long at all. A couple hours later, my skin would feel dry and tight again. 

Finally, I tried one by Colleen Rothschild, a skincare line that I’ve used for a couple years, and y’all,  this one is SO good ??!  I put it on in the morning and my skin feels so hydrated all day.  I just looked and it’s actually 50% off, making it only $16!  It’s the perfect time to buy one for yourself and one for someone else. 

I’ve also been using their face oil (this stuff feels ahh-mazing) and recovery cream for my dry skin. Both of these products are not on sale, BUT if you use code EMILYH20, you can get 20% any regular price items! 

I will link everything below.. hope y’all have a great Saturday! 

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  1. 12.16.18
    Janine said:

    I do not suffer from dry skin, a light body lotion works for me, but this does sound amazing for someone with dry skin!
    Colleen Rothschild products have amazing reviews as well!
    xx Janine

  2. 12.18.18
    May said:

    Never heard of Colleen Rothschild, but looks super interesting especially for the upcoming dry winter months.

    May ||